Find Incredible Vahan Designs at Love My Swag

Vahan jewelry possesses a character that is instantly recognizable. It would be impossible to misidentify the singular and impossibly intricate designs in precious metals and stones that Vahan designs offer the discerning wearer. From beautifully sophisticated bracelets to rings that seem to have a life of their own in the complex arrangement and harmony of […]


3 Pieces of Vahan Jewelry You’ve Probably Already Seen on the Red Carpet

When Leon ‘Sacha’ Der Calousdian founded Alwand Vahan Jewelry in 1968, he couldn’t have predicted that just over 50 years later his creations would be adorning Hollywood’s biggest celebrities as they strut down the runway or pose on the red carpet. What began as a family tradition has steadily blossomed into a high-profile luxury jewelry […]