Digital Identity middle east

Get Your Blockchain Based Digital Identity Through Digital Identity Companies Middle East

As things are going digital faster than we can imagine the need for a proper digital identity system is becoming more and more important for businesses and individuals. Till now the most convenient way of sharing personal information of one’s identity was through physical means such as paper. But as technology is becoming a more […]


How to spend a day in London?

Oh, thy beautiful London which has yet old charm! Over the years, London has still evolved itself as one of the most pre-eminent megacities in every aspect. Its charm still mesmerizes the visitors to come back again.  So, if you are planning to spend one day in London, then it’s a good idea and confusing […]

Travel Industry News

Travel Industry News, Business Travel News, & European Airports News by EBM

Destinations, airports, airlines and hotels, everything associated with the travel industry moves dynamically. And it takes one trend to shift the whole industry, which is why both travelers and industry leaders need to stay aware of everything happening in the travel industry. To get news from the travel industry, people trust European Business Magazine. The […]

Business Education

How Job Automation Is Shaping the Future

Job mechanization is, and has been, molding how we work. The change that robotization brings to occupations, organizations and even whole ventures can be fast and entirely troublesome. In different cases, it’s increasingly inconspicuous or moderate to grab hold. In either circumstance, it can cause uneasiness.  The upside for some, experts is that activity computerization […]