What Kind Of Pipes You Can Find In Plastic Material For Plumbing?

The types of plastic water pipe are categorized by the material used to create them. Types of pipes: PEX: Cross-linked Polyethylene, PVC: Polyvinyl Chloride like UPVC pipes, LLDPE: Linear Low-density Polyethylene.  Before you choose whether you want UPVC pipes and fittings or some other types of pipes, it better to check their properties like temperature […]


How Do Diaphragm Pressure Gauges Work?

A Diaphragm pressure gauge is a type of MPE which is utilised to measure the liquids and gases. This MPE diaphragm gauge application length will start from 10 mbar to 60 bar. The pressure gauge component includes circular diaphragm, which is clamped within two spines. The negative and positive pressure which are acting on certain […]


Why Your Kids Should Use Hand Sanitizers Frequently?

Instead of going directly to the sink to wash the hands, your children may find a bottle of hand sanitizer easier. A recent study published in the journal Pediatrics, shows that children who washed their hands with a hand sanitizer dispenser had less missed days of school, less respiratory infections, and less antibiotic prescriptions than […]


How Does Bourdon Pressure Gauge Work?

Bourdon tube pressure gauges are widely used for local indication. E was the first to develop this type of pressure gages. Bourdon, 1849. A wide range of pressures can be measured with Bourdon tube pressure gauge: vacuum form at pressure up to a few thousand psi.Essentially, it consists of a hollow C-shaped tube, the one […]