Global Special Fire Truck Market

Increase in Congestion & Overcrowding Expected to Drive World Special Fire Truck Market over the Forecast Period: Ken Research

Special fire truck is a special category of fire engine, designed mainly for firefighting operations. Special fire truck is used by fire departments in various rescue operations & medical emergency services. It is fitted with communication equipment which uses mobile computer technology, two-way radios and visual & audible warnings. It is also used to transport […]

Asia Pacific Remittance Industry Research Report

Changing Insights Of The Asia Pacific Remittance Market Outlook: Ken Research

Asia Pacific remittance market region has observed an auspicious growth over the recent past years. Increasing internal migrant populace both intra-regional and inter-regional due to the better job choices has prompted the size of the market. During the forecasted period, the domestic remittance market has presented a tremendous growth at an effective CAGR in the […]

Global Specialty Optical Fibers Market

Widespread Implementation of 5G Expected to Drive World Specialty Optical Fibers Market over the Forecast Period: Ken Research

Specialty optical fibers are usually referred as optical fibers which have at least one special property, distinctive them from standard fibers. It consists of one or more transparent fibers surrounded in a protective covering. The core & cladding are typically grouped together and collectively known as optical fiber. The fibers are flexible and used in […]

Global Surgical Gloves Market

Rise in Awareness about Safety & Hygiene Expected to Drive World Surgical Gloves Market over the Forecast Period: Ken Research

Surgical gloves are personal protection equipment (PPE), which are designed to protect clinicians in Operating Room (OR) environments. The main purpose of these gloves is to act as a protective barrier for surgeons & nurses to prevent possible transmission of diseases between patients and healthcare professionals during surgical procedures. They are commonly made to a […]

India Self Drive Car Rental Market

India Self Drive Car Rental Market is Driven by high levels of fresh investments and increased participation of the Organized players in the Market: Ken Research

Augmented penetration of the Organized Dealers coupled with huge investments coming from VC and PE firms have further led to the development of various competencies in India Self Drive Car Rental Space. The India Self Drive Car Rental Market is heavily concentrated in Tier 1 and the entire major cities in India; however, the market […]

India Self Drive Car Rental Market

India Self Drive Car Rental Market Outlook to 2024: Ken Research

The report titled publication “India Self Drive Car Rental Market Outlook to 2024 – Rising Prominence of Shared Mobility Space with Growing Competencies of Self Drive Companies due to the Growing Investments” provides a comprehensive analysis on self drive car rental industry of India and other major countries. The report focuses on the overall market size both […]

North America 3D Printing Industry

Advancement In The North America Market Insights On 3D Printing Market Outlook: Ken Research

3D printing, also well-known as the desktop fabrication or additive printing technology, enables the producers to improve the objects utilizing a digital file and several printing materials. The materials positively utilized in 3D printing involve numerous types of polymers, ceramics and metals. 3D printing proposes methodologies that can create manufacturing of complex designs an apparent […]

India Bricks and Blocks Market

India Bricks And Blocks Market Research Report And Market Forecast: Ken Research

What is the Current Potential of India Bricks and Blocks Market? Clay Brick, Fly Ash Brick, AAC block and concrete block industry forms the backbone of the booming Indian construction sector. India is the second largest brick manufacturer in the world after China. Indian brick industry is almost entirely unorganized and characterized by the presence […]