Growth and Expansion Strategy

Right Business Expansion Strategies Substantially Assist for Taking Business to the Next Level: Ken Research

Our Growth and Expansion Strategy has significant benefits in accomplishing the ability to reach financial and success goals which any organization would. The Growth strategy redefines the business by adding new products or services or new markets or extensive increase in the current business. Moreover, the expansion strategy is synonymous with a growth strategy. When […]

Vietnam Online Advertising Industry

Vietnam Online Advertising Market Research Report and Market Forecast: Ken Research

How Online Advertising Market is Positioned in Vietnam? The online advertising market in Vietnam is at its growth stage. The market has been growing majorly due to the increase in the number of mobile phone subscribers, improved internet infrastructure and rise in trend of using social media and increased video consumption in Vietnam. The young […]


Vietnam Pumps Market will be Driven by Increasing Government Investment on Infrastructure, Irrigation and Wastewater Treatment plant: Ken Research

“Increase in Floor Area constructed for Household and Office use coupled with rising Water Consumption has driven the Vietnam Pumps Market”. The report titled “Competition Benchmarking in Vietnam Pumps Market – HAPUMA, Ebara Vietnam, Grundfos Vietnam, WILO Vietnam, KSB Vietnam, IWAKI Vietnam, TSURUMI Pump Vietnam Company, INTECH Pump, SAIGON Industrial Pump JSC Vietnam” by Ken […]

India Plastic Pipes and Fittings Market Research Report

Growing Landscape Of PVC Pipes In The India Plastic Pipes And Fittings Market Outlook: Ken Research

However unsurprisingly, the PVC pipes and fittings market is growing rapidly with the increase in the construction and building sector and significant increase in the disposable income. In addition, the more upgradation and development in the technology of pipes and fittings drive the market growth more effectively. According to the report analysis, ‘India Plastic Pipes […]

Global Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer Industry

Growing Insights Of The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Market Outlook: Ken Research

The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy is an authoritative and theoretically complex analytical tool. The nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is an analytical chemistry method which is positively used in the quality control and research for influential the content and transparency of a sample as well as its molecular structure. Not only has this, the Nuclear […]

Sale of Lubricant in Revenue Millions

Augmenting Trends In The Lubricants Market Outlook: Ken Research

The lubricants market was witnessed to be in its growth stage highly owing to the speedy industrialization and increasing sales volume of the preowned vehicles thus, fueling the requirement for both the automotive and industrial lubricants across the globe and majorly in the underdeveloped regions. However, the lubricant market in Saudi Arabia is at the […]

Global Masterbatch Market

Rise in Demand for Plastic Products Expected to Drive Global Masterbatch Market over the Forecast Period: Ken Research

Masterbatche is a mixture of pigments, polymer, colors, and additive materials. It is available in solid & liquid forms. It is utilized to give shading and strengthen the color & properties of plastic for applications in numerous industries. It is encapsulated into carrier resin throughout the heating process and then cooled to cut into granules. […]

Global Green Building Materials Market

Growth in Demand for Low-Emission Buildings Anticipated Driving Global Green Building Materials Market over the Forecast Period: Ken Research

Green building materials refer to material which increases the sustainability & efficiency of a building construction in terms of design, construction, maintenance and renovation. The materials also known as green construction & sustainable buildings. They are derived from renewable waste products and are highly energy efficient. The materials are employed in construction industry to address […]