Global Agricultural Chelates Market

Increasing Use Of Fertilizers Acting As A Key Driver For Adoption Of Agricultural Chelates: Ken Research

Metal ions are essential minerals needed by the plants in tiny quantities; therefore, they’re additionally observed as micronutrients. The deficiency of minerals within the plants leads to the yellowing of leaves and simple-minded plant growth. Chemical change compounds are a lot stable as compared to non-chelated compounds; so, they’re wide most well-liked in agricultural use. […]


Growth in Automotive Industry Anticipated to Drive Global Friction Modifier Market: Ken Research

Friction modifier is polar molecules which are added to lubricants to reduce the light surface contacts for instance sliding and rolling of a machine design. They are also known as boundary lubrication additives. They work by forming an easily shearable film on metal surfaces. They serve various purposes based on the application. They are used […]


Rise in Demand from Pharmaceutical Industries Expected to Drive Global Dihydropyridine Market: Ken Research

Dihydropyridine or DHP is arterial-specific vasodilators of peripheral resistance arteries that causes generalized vasodilation, including the intestinal, renal, cerebral, and coronary vascular beds. It is often called calcium-channel agonists and calcium-channel activators. It is particularly well known in pharmacology as L-type calcium channel blockers, which is used in the treatment of hypertension. It has high […]


APAC Flexible Workspace Industry growing with Increasing Real Estate Cost, Accelerating Average Centre Size, Changing Workforce and Changing Business Cycles: Ken Research

“India and China dominate the supply of flexible workspaces in APAC with a combined contribution of more than 60% in 2019”. Increasing Real Estate Cost: Economic development has lead to increase in real estate cost in APAC. Real estate cost is the second largest expenditure for companies after employee pay. Various large enterprises are continually […]

APAC Flexible Workspace Market

APAC Flexible Workspace Market Outlook to 2025: Ken Research

The report titled, “APAC Flexible Workspace Market Outlook to 2025- By Type (Hybrid Spaces, Serviced Spaces and Co-Working Spaces), By Country (China, India, Japan, Philippines, Australia, Vietnam, Singapore and South Korea) and By End Users (Enterprises, MSME’s/Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs/Freelancers)” provides a comprehensive analysis of the Flexible Workspace Market in APAC. The reports the flexible workspace […]


Rise in Occurrences of Fire Hazards Anticipated to Drive Global Closed Circuit SCBA Market: Ken Research

Self-contained breathing apparatus or SCBA is a device that contains breathable compressed air used by the firefighters and rescue workers to protect their respiratory system from super-heated atmospheres, toxic gases, and other hazards attendant with an atmosphere that is Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health (IDLH).  The primary function of the SCBA is to remove […]

Global Finished Lubricants Market

Construction Sector Leads The Finished Lubricants Market Growth Globally Outlook: Ken Research

The finished lubricants are significantly reflected to be the great operational lubricants which significantly utilized in the applications come across the great heat. The lubricants are positively anticipated to manage their lubricating beneficiaries at the great functioning temperatures. The finished lubricants propose the protection and performance benefits in high temperature benefits in order to decrease […]