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An Astrologer is today called someone who practices Astrology

The word Astrology itself denotes a group of systems, traditions, beliefs and occult doctrines, postulating the influence of heavenly bodies on the earthly world and man (on his temperament, character, actions and the future) and, accordingly, the possibility of predicting the future by the movement and location of celestial bodies on the celestial sphere. Science […]


Basic CFD Trading Terminologies

The Contract for Difference (CFDs) is a contract for an exchange on different financial instruments of the discrepancy between the place’s opening and closing values under the contract. CFD trading is a versatile and efficient speculation method for exchange, indices, futures, and commodity operations. Investors may take on long or short positions on agreements over […]


How background screenings impact the candidate career?

People who seek a job and got a place in the interview will need to go for certification verification for conformation about they have the best quality of knowledge and past work experiences. After the applicant selected for a multinational company, they used to recruit some employment screening services for verification on the select candidate. The […]


CFO as a leader in digital transformation

How many people perceive that a CFO often becomes a leader in digital transformation? The digital transformation coincided with the emergence of a new type of CFO, perfectly suited to this role: he is proficient in communication and corporate politics, innovative at the strategic level, focused on business results, and independent at the same time. Undoubtedly, […]