Brazil Medical Device Market

Brazil Medical Device Market Outlook to 2025: Ken Research

The report titled publication “Brazil Medical Device Market Outlook to 2025 – by Type of Device (Reagent for In-Vitro Diagnostics, Materials and Supplies, Laboratory Equipment, and Others), Type of Business Activity (Import and Local Production), Channel of Sales (Distributor and Direct), Type of End User (Hospital, Clinics, and Diagnostic Lab Centers and Others) and By Region […]

Global RFID Reader Market

Global RFID Reader Market Research Report: Ken Research

Radio Frequency Identification or RFID refers to a technology that incorporates electromagnetic fields in the RF portion of the electromagnetic spectrum to recognize an object, device, animal or person. An RFID reader is a device, used to interrogate an RFID tag. The reader’s antenna emits radio waves to communicate with radio tags that store definite information about an item or object. […]

Europe Freight Forwarding Market.

Europe Freight Forwarding Industry Analysis: Ken Research

Development Projects: 2017 saw the initiation of the TEN-T infrastructure policy with the goal of connecting the major hubs of Europe through 9 Core Networks. The project involves a revamp or additions to transport infrastructure in all modes of transportation. The project is estimated to cost and overall of EUR 556 billion. Increasing Driver Shortage: The unattractiveness of trucking as a profession […]


Turkey Logistics and Warehousing Industry Analysis: Ken Research

Turkey is planning to establish logistics bases in African countries such as Ethiopia, Morocco, Kenya, South Africa and others after seeing an exponential rise in trade in the last 16 years.     Moreover, the government officials will pay visits to Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Mozambique to sign free trade agreements (FTAs) with these countries. […]


Nigeria warehousing Market Future Outlook: Ken Research

How Nigeria Warehousing Market Evolved? Logistics and warehousing are important for the economy. Nigeria has five international airports and six seaports for cargo transportation. Murtala Muhammed International Airport is the major commercial airport in Lagos and Lagos Port Complex and Tin Can Port are the two major seaports, both located in the commercial hub of Lagos. Therefore, Lagos is the warehousing hub […]

Europe Freight Forwarding Market

Europe Freight Forwarding Market Outlook to 2025: Ken Research

The report titled “Europe Freight Forwarding Market Outlook to 2025 – By Country (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and Others) and By Mode of Transportation (Road, Sea, Air, Rail, and Inland Waterways)” provides a comprehensive analysis of the freight forwarding market in Europe. The report specially focuses on the freight forwarding market of six […]


Kenya Warehousing Market Future Outlook: Ken Research

“Despite a major supply gap of modern warehouses, Kenya warehousing market holds immense opportunity for growth.” Strategic Location: Kenya is the world’s gateway to East Africa and its capital Nairobi is one of the most vibrant international trading hubs in Africa. Mombasa Port is crucial for international trade. Labor availability in neighboring countries such as Uganda is lesser; hence the companies […]

Indonesia Agrochemical Market

Indonesia Agrochemical Market Future Outlook: Ken Research

“Migration of fall armyworm and other insect varieties coupled with frequent dry season prevalence in the country increased the demand for insecticides and herbicides in the country”.  Growing Demand for Bio Pesticides and Other Organic Products: The Integrated Pest Management Program in the country promotes prevention, monitoring and controlled use of pesticides in order to minimize toxicity levels […]

Asia Pacific Healthcare Analytics

Global Healthcare Analytics Market Outlook: Ken Research

Healthcare analytics is a collection and analysis of data that provide insights and support decision-making in the healthcare industry. It is also known as clinical data analytics. It is used on both macro and micro levels ranging over areas like clinical data, medical costs, pharmaceuticals, and patient behavior as well as streamlining operations, patient care, and lowering healthcare costs. Its main objective to unravel […]

Nigeria Freight Forwarding Market

Nigeria Freight Forwarding Market is Expected to Cross USD 1Billion by 2023: According to Market Research Report by Ken Research

Nigerian Government is likely to continue to spend about 3.7% of GDP per year on infrastructure between 2017 and 2030 and close to 3.1% of GDP between 2030 and 2040. Nigeria is expected to build The Lekki Lagos Airporton a 3,000 hectare plot and largest Deep Sea Port project at a budget of USD 1.5 […]