Social Market Research

Top Market Research firms focusing on Social Media Research Globally: Ken Research

The purpose of Social Market Research is to determine the reasons of a social phenomenon or to increase information about a social problem, but the drive of the social survey is not to increase knowledge but is connected to welfare side of the people. The results determined from social survey aids and directions the government intends […]


Global Modified Atmosphere Packaging Market Research Report: Ken Research

The Modified atmosphere packaging is an effective technology that encompasses the stowage duration of the packaged food items. The technology significantly assists to maintain freshness, nourishment value, color, and attendance of packaged food for a lengthier duration. The Modified atmosphere packaging move the vaporous composition of the air existing in a packaged food. This impedes the growth of microorganism as well […]

Global and Indonesia Soda Ash Industry

Global and Indonesia Soda Ash Industry Outlook to 2024: Ken Research

The report titled the publication “Global and Indonesia Soda Ash Industry Outlook to 2024” provides a comprehensive analysis of the Soda Ash Industry. The report details the ecosystem, Manufacturing Processes, Distribution Models, Revenue Streams and Challenges for Manufacturers and further maps out the structure for the existing and new manufacturers at Global, Asia and Indonesia level. The publication […]


Market Research Subscription for Corporates is a Cost-Effective & Solution for all Corporations: Ken Research

Our market research subscription for corporates services includes analyst support for co-presentation, co-primaries, co-number defining, and co-analysis. We have analysts who can work as a natural extension of your team to deliver desired expectations and the final objective. Our Market Research Subscription Model is a verified tool/service and cost-effective measure for making your requisite bit easier, productive, and most of all more successful. […]

Global Autonomous Ships Market

Global Autonomous Ships Market Outlook: Ken Research

Autonomous ships also well-known as crewless ships are well-appointed with the software & hardware without the human intervention. The components such as sensors, automated navigation, propulsion & auxiliary systems, GPS tracker, and several others exist in the ship’s support to create the decision in accordance with the atmosphere. In addition, the incompletely automated ships are controlled […]

Philippines Cold Chain Market

Philippines Cold Chain Market Outlook to 2025: Ken Research

The publication titled “Philippines Cold Chain Market Outlook to 2025: Driven by Rising Processed Food Consumption Owing to the Growing Millennial Population Albeit Infrastructure Challenges” provides a comprehensive analysis of the cold chain market of the Philippines. The report covers the ecosystem of the market, infrastructure analysis of the country, value chain analysis, comparative analysis with other […]


Growth In The Global Glass Ampoules Market Outlook: Ken Research

Packaging procedures have effectively monitored the innovations during the recent past decades. The corporates effectively employed in the packaging are progressively aiming at decreasing errors to confirm that accurate and defect-free medicine reaches customers. The glass ampoules are progressively utilized in the pharmaceutical and chemical laboratories to preserve and store the medicinal fluids, liquids and […]