Global Automotive LiDAR Sensors Market: Ken Research

The automotive LiDAR is the type of Sensors being utilized for improving vehicles for navigation capability by detection and avoiding obstacles en route. Light Detection and Ranging sensors (LiDAR) are further detecting the survey techniques for assessing the closeness of the object. A LiDAR system primarily comprises a scanner, a laser, and a specific GPS […]

Electricity And Signal Testing Instruments
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Global Electricity And Signal Testing Instruments Market Outlook: Ken Research

The electricity and signal testing instruments market significantly consist of sales of electricity and signal testing instruments and connected services such as detecting faults in the procedure of electronic devices, apprehending responses from electronic devices for the utilization of measuring and testing the characteristics of electronic and electrical signals. The electricity and signal testing instruments are compulsory […]

Global Calcium Chloride Market

Global Calcium Chloride Market: Ken Research

The calcium chloride is an ionic compound of calcium and chlorine, which is highly soluble in the liquid. It is commercially available as an anhydrous and di-hydrate flakes, pellets, and powder, or with 30% to 45% solution. The calcium chloride is being produced by process of refining with naturally occurring brine, neutralizing hydrochloric acid with calcium carbonate, […]

Global Microphones Market

Global Microphones Market Outlook: Ken Research

The microphones market significantly consists of sales of microphones and associated services that are optimized in various applications such as in hearing aids, radios, large venues & events, educational institutions, government and military, and hospitality. A microphone is a form of transducer that renovates acoustical energy from one form to another. According to the report analysis, ‘Microphones […]

Global Amplifiers Market

Global Amplifiers Market Outlook: Ken Research

The amplifiers market actively consists of sales of amplifiers and linked services that are used in all varieties of audio equipment. An amplifier is an effective electronic device that augments the voltage, current, and power of a signal. According to the report analysis, ‘Amplifiers Global Market Report 2020’ states that in the amplifiers the global market there are […]


Global Ductile Cast Iron Pipes Market: Ken Research

The ductile cast iron pipes not only retail the cast iron’s attributes associated with corrosion resistance, machinability, but also offers the additional toughness, ductility and strength and it also makes it more much durable and more cost effective than the cast iron. It also incorporates the significant casting refinements, superior quality control, and additional metallurgical […]

Global Solid-State Battery Market

Global Solid-State Battery Market: Ken Research

The solid-state batteries is said to be an emerging trend for next-generation traction batteries. These batteries are much safer than the liquid state batteries and also have high performance based by efficiency. It is a high energy & power density battery that has both the solid electrodes as well as solid electrolytes. These batteries are easy to miniaturize (thin film) […]


Global Water Purifiers Market Research Report: Ken Research

Major players in the water purifiers market are Xiaomi, Livpure, LG Electronics, Unilever N.V, Panasonic Corporation, Kinetico Inc, Aquatech International LLC, GE Appliances, A.O. Smith Corporation, and Whirlpool Corporation. The global water purifiers market is expected to grow from USD 35.05 billion in 2019 and to USD 35.72 billion in 2020 at a growth rate of 1.90%. The slow growth in 2020 is mainly […]