Raise Your Earning Potential by Getting Certified

Technology is evolving at a faster pace. A higher approach is expected from employers to consume technical benefits coherently. They look for skilled professionals who can explore the evolving technology efficiently for business benefits at reduced investment cost and lesser time to gain a higher return on investments (ROI). At this juncture, it is necessary […]


Which Programming Language is Best for Data Science? R or Python

According to Stack Overflow’s annual developer 2019 survey, Python slithers up in being the most popular programming language. Python ranks to be the top-most wanted programming language reveals the survey. Python and R are both open-source programming languages used by data scientists. Both these programming languages emerged as favorites of data science professionals. R and […]

Digital Marketing Education

Importance of credentials in education

Job market is increasingly becoming skill dominated. This is not to say that skills were not required earlier Thus, educational institutions are coming up with micro-credentials, facilitating skill development for seekers in a short duration. for jobs, but employers are now more skill biased. This means companies are looking for people with niche skills who […]


6 HR Courses and Certifications to Move Ahead in HR career

A human resources professional is responsible for staffing, training, and development of employees, and ensuring compliance with labor laws. An HR certification program equips candidates with knowledge and skills to effectively execute various human resources tasks. Additionally, certified human resource professionals are paid better than non-certified counterparts. Further, human resource professionals who have taken at […]