Kaspersky experts release predictions about 2021 cyber threat landscape

In 2020, a large number of targeted ransomware attacks were observed, often associated with clandestine online stores like the Genesis Store, the largest portal for stolen fingerprints on the internet (which markets these credentials).  This is one of the trends that will tend to strengthen in 2021: according to experts at Kaspersky Lab, a multinational cybersecurity provider, attackers […]

Different Types Of Face Masks

Different Types Of Face Masks

The masks produced for the whole face of for use on a certain part are actively used in many professional groups, especially in this COVID-19 epidemic. There are many types of masks, from disposable hygiene and virus masks to long-use gas masks. While surgical masks protect you from adverse weather conditions, germs and diseases, gas […]

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Instagram Reel: What It Is, How It Is Created and Why It Is Different From Tiktok

In recent weeks, we hear more and more often about Instagram Reel, the new video feature launched on the platform to be able to better compete with TikTok. Once again, as happened with Snapchat, Zuckerberg manages to extrapolate an interesting function from one of its competitors and bring it to success. We’ve seen him do […]