Market Research Subscription for Corporates is a Cost-Effective & Solution for all Corporations: Ken Research

Our market research subscription for corporates services includes analyst support for co-presentation, co-primaries, co-number defining, and co-analysis. We have analysts who can work as a natural extension of your team to deliver desired expectations and the final objective. Our Market Research Subscription Model is a verified tool/service and cost-effective measure for making your requisite bit easier, productive, and most of all more successful. […]

Global Autonomous Ships Market

Global Autonomous Ships Market Outlook: Ken Research

Autonomous ships also well-known as crewless ships are well-appointed with the software & hardware without the human intervention. The components such as sensors, automated navigation, propulsion & auxiliary systems, GPS tracker, and several others exist in the ship’s support to create the decision in accordance with the atmosphere. In addition, the incompletely automated ships are controlled […]